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Music & Conductors

Click here to download the REVISED list of IHS2016 Music and Conductors:

The Handbell Association of Hong Kong massed ringing selection Little Bits of Heart is now available for purchase from H’ing Publishing.

To place your order, please email the following information to hingpublishing@gmail.com.

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  • One (1) copy license - $48 HKD
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  • Fifteen (15) copy license - $576 HKD
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Once this information is received, a PayPal invoice will be generated and sent to you by return email. Once payment has been completed, a PDF file of the music and performance notes will be sent to you by email.

Delegates are strongly encouraged to purchase their music as soon as possible to ensure they are well prepared to participate fully in the massed ringing experience.

Attending an IHS is unlike many typical handbell festivals in several ways. One of the most marked differences is the number of feature conductors that delegates get to work with in a massed ringing setting.

Each member country of the International Handbell Committee is invited to select a conductor to represent their country on the IHS podium and lead delegates in the massed ringing of the Symposium repertoire. This creates a unique ringing experience where delegates get to learn and benefit from the direction of multiple, high calibre and greatly respected conductors at a single event.

Not only is there a wealth of talent on the podium at any IHS event, ringers also get to expand their cultural horizons. As they move through the diverse repertoire, delegates will gain experience in varied styles of music and conducting informed by the languages and cultures of the IHS member nations. IHS2016 is proud to carry on this tradition of cultural sharing and musical exploration.

Another of the unique aspects of the International Handbell Symposia is their use of massed ringing as a way to share in the cultures and talents of their member countries. Each of the countries represented as a member of the International Handbell Committee (Japan, USA, UK, Korea, Canada, Australasia, and Hong Kong) is invited to choose a piece to represent their country and culture in the Symposia massed ringing repertoire.

Each country selects their representative work based on their own chosen criteria. Some countries hold a composition competition, some commission new works especially for the event, and still others may choose a previously published or well-known piece. However, while the methods used to choose the massed ringing repertoire can vary widely, the general difficulty level range of the selected IHS massed ringing music is 3+ to 5.