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pre/post ihs tours

One of the many reasons the 17th International Handbell Symposium is being held in Vancouver is its vast beauty and the countless options for activity in and around the city. Positioned directly between the Pacific Ocean and the Coast Mountains, the very metropolitan Vancouver offers abundant choice in adventure for any taste: from shopping, arts and entertainment, or exploring nature at its grandest, Vancouver has it all!

Take a look at our Attractions page and Tourism Vancouver’s website to explore the many options and plan to come early or stay after the Symposium to explore all the city has to offer!

For those interested in exploring the natural surroundings of the Pacific and Coast Mountains while continuing to indulge their passion for handbells, attending IHS2016 presents a very special opportunity: the Bells of the Cascades of Portland, Oregon, will be embarking on their 14th handbell cruise from the cruise ship terminal at the Vancouver Convention Centre (the IHS2016 venue) on the very day following the Symposium. Cruisers will get to work with the distinguished Fred Gramann as they sail the Inside Passage of Alaska – what a spectacular chance to take in two amazing events at once!

Check out the Bells of the Cascades’ All That Glitters is Bronze cruise website for more details.

For those interested in arranging a performance tour of the local area to coincide with attending IHS2016, we would be happy to put you in touch with resources to help you plan your tour. For more details, please contact our Social Coordinator, Kathie Zalasky, at zalasky@shaw.ca